After Effects 4.1: Introduction

Course Type: Self-paced Courses
Estimated Time of Completion: 3 hours 30 minutes
CEU Credits:
Language: English

Course Prerequisites:
In this course, you'll be introduced to the motion graphics and visual effects techniques used in After Effects.

This course carries the following professional education credits: 0.4 CEUs. For more information on accreditation bodies, please visit

Hardware and Software Required:
Content Outline:
Setting up an After Effects Composition
Starting a Project and Adding Footage
Setting Up a Composition
Animating an After Effects Composition
Scaling and Rotating a Composition
Creating and Synchronizing Motion
Adding Effects to Your Composition
Working with Effects and Nesting Compositions
Previewing and Finishing a Moving
Using the Layer Window
Setting Up a Project and Importing Footage
Trimming Footage and Creating a Fade Out
Creating Text
Creating Titles and Animating Text
Text Effects and Working with Keyframes
Adding Animation, Audio, and Exporting Files
Hiding, Duplicating, and Renaming Layers
Animating Text
The Motion Path and Auto-Orient Rotation
Adding the Audio Track and Rendering

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