Outlook 2003: Optimizing Outlook

Course Type: Self-paced Courses
Estimated Time of Completion: 1 hours 24 minutes
CEU Credits:
Language: English

This course is designed for people with a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows who need to learn how to use Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2003. This course provides you with the necessary skills to customize your Outlook environment, and locate messages that contain specific text, organize messages, and set junk email options.

Hardware and Software Required:
Content Outline:
Customizing Outlook
Lesson Introduction
Customize the Toolbar
Create a New Toolbar
Customize the Menu
Create a Folder Home Page
Lab: Customizing Outlook
Lesson Follow Up
Locating Outlook Items
Lesson Introduction
Sort Messages Using Multiple Criteria
Find Messages
Find Messages Using Multiple Criteria
Filter Messages
Organize Messages
Manage Junk Email
Lab: Organizing and Locating Outlook Items
Lesson Follow Up

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